Touch Ups and Caring for Your New Paint

So now your house is freshly painted, it looks beautiful, and you want to keep it that way. You are probably wondering if there are any precautions you should take to keep it looking it's best for years to come. My recommendations are the following:

  • Make sure the paint is fully dry before putting back any furniture or hanging things. When it is dry to the touch, you may even want to give it another hour as sometimes it is not quite dry underneath.

  • Do not scrub or try to clean the new paint for at least 30 days. This is critical as most paints can take up to 30 days to fully cure and trying to scrub them before this can ruin the lovely finish.

  • After the 30 days, try to clean the painted surfaces with only water and soap. While most paints should be able to withstand harsher chemicals, there typically is no need for this and it is better to be gentle when possible.

  • Keep in mind that you likely cannot scrub scuff marks off of paint, and in these cases the best solution is likely to touch up the area instead.

Even when you try your hardest, scuff marks and dents are usually inevitable when it comes to painted surfaces. Do not fret, because you can always touch up your paint when this happens!

Keep in mind that some paints touch up better than others, and it is directly related to their level of shine. Flat and matte paints will touch up the best, anything from eggshell up may be noticeable despite your best efforts.

It is always recommended to touch up exclusively from the same batch of paint the wall was originally painted with. Slight variations in product formula or color will be noticeable even if you buy the same type of paint. It is also worth noting that paint may fade over time, especially if it gets hit with a lot of sun.

If you have to buy a new batch of paint, or are touching up a high sheen paint, I recommend painting the wall corner to corner for the best results. For the best touch up results, you should:

  • First lightly sand the area to be touched up to open the pores and give the new paint something to adhere to.

  • If you are touching up over spackle or drywall you will want to prime the spot or do an extra coat of paint.

  • You can pick up a small touch up kit from most hardware or paint stores. Touch ups will look best if you use a small roller to match the texture of the wall. You may need a brush as well if you need to touch up close to another surface.

  • Make sure to use a stir stick for any old paint that you are using for touch ups. You will want to thoroughly mix it and make sure to mix up the bottom as well. Most paint can last up to 10 years when properly stored, so giving it a good stir should be all it needs.

  • Try to feather out the edges of the fresh paint, or the hard stops may be visible when dry.

If you are a previous client and run into any issues or have any questions while touching up, we are always happy to help and will gladly answer any questions you have! Please do not hesitate to reach out and we will assist in any way possible.

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